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Using tracks on his CD "Miami Jazz Scene" the Haitian born 24 year old trumpet player registered to the annual "Thelonius Monk Institute" Jazz competition and was selected as one of the 10 semifinalists of this prestigious competition. This competition is the ticket to fame and recognition that any young jazz musician dreams of. If he gets the first prize, this will launch his career to the next level and put him in the footsteps of pianists Marcus Roberts, vibraphonist Jacky Terrasson, saxophonist Joshua Redman, and vocalists Jane Monheit to name a few this competition has propelled to the front row of the international world class jazz set. In our review of his first and unique CD earlier this year, KariJazz foresaw all his potentials. "With this first album, Jean Caze has stamped his first footprints as a skilled and creative composer. Miami Jazz Scene is an elegant rendition of years of musical experiences depicted by subtle brush strokes and amazing arrays of colors stretching from the seventies to present. This is really serious music and this first release is certainly a stepping stone toward new heights."

Joined by our staff, Jean commented his nomination in semifinal with confidence, and assured us of his commitment toward excellence in this endeavor. To the option of playing his own pieces in the semifinal he replied "I have the freedom to play whatever I choose. However I will play standards. That will help show the judges what makes me different as an artist". He is also viewed by his peers as one of the most talented young trumpet player on the scene.

Buyu Ambroise was stroke by Caze playing when he heard him the first time. "When I first heard him, said the saxophonist/leader of Blues in Red, it was at the Mixed Notes Jazz Supper Club in Elmont, New York, about 4 years ago. It was amazing to see and hear a young player with such an in-depth caliber, sensitivity and great improvisational skills".

Jazz pianist Mushy Widmaier, his band mate said:" He is one of the most prominent (maybe the most prominent!) young trumpet players of his generation. He has a perfect knowledge of his instrument with outstanding improvisation skills".

Jazz trumpeter Ken Watters told KariJazz:" Jean Caze is a ferocious young trumpeter with a "voice" on the horn that is all his own (a highly unusual thing for such a young guy). He has the goods to rise to the top of both the American & Haitian jazz scenes. At this point, his future success is a blank slate, meaning that he will soon be able to "write his own ticket" in the music world. I'm EXTREMELY proud & happy to see such a deserving musician make it this far in the Monk Competition"

There is a real pride to see a Haitian born musician achieve such important steps in blending in mainstream life in America. The future seems to hold fortunate promises and we want to extend our congratulation to the semifinalist on this outstanding step toward a fruitful career. Good luck Jean.

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Alphonse Piard, Jr. (ALPI),
October 20, 2007

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